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Lithium base penetration  Check test report
Lithium base penetration toughened the ground is the latest generation of permeability hardening material, including selected highly active fluorine titanium content, is environmental protection colorless transparent liquid (tasteless, non-toxic, not burning).
Epoxy flooring topping
Epoxy floor is a kind of high strength, wear resistance, beautiful floor, have no joint, quality of a material is solid, good resistance to drug resistance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, maintenance is convenient, the maintenance cost is low wait for an advantage.
Stone & Tile Treatments
Stone protection is refers to using spray, brush, roller, tube, soaking, etc will stone protective agent coating in the stone Wood surface, in the stone in the pores and hydroxy formed by the union network covering layer, so as to prevent stone The occurrence of the phenomenon of material lesions.
Products involved in polymer surface, structure cement grouting, repair materials, concrete hardener and epoxy sand Pulp.
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