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  • Floor construction / Technician
    Payment:Negotiable Number of Hiring:10 
    Descriptions:The construction details of the standard, strict implementation of the requirements of the company responsible for construction quality; part-time can. Requirement:

    ①,20-50-year-old male, culture not limited to, a strong sense of responsibility and moral character;
    ② earnest, can be hard to do things; health, no alcohol;
    ③ actual construction has more than five years experience, familiar with the different conditions on the ground and quantity, to solve the various problems caused by material or ground;

  • Engineering sales floor manager
    Payment:Negotiable Number of Hiring:5 
    Descriptions:Responsible for the development of customers with a single, cost estimates, negotiations, contracts, assist Dunning, maintain existing customers; part-time can. Requirement:

    ① limited to gender, age 26-30 years old, college degree or above, physical appearance correct, a strong sense of responsibility, good moral character, doing things in earnest, pro-active, hard working; with a strong sense of ownership and teamwork, obedience arrangements;
    ② outgoing, have good communication skills, conversation and decent the sedate and generous; love of learning, familiar with the basic use of office software, and have some knowledge of the contract;